January Pick Six

January Pick Six

Posted by Jenny on Feb 3rd 2020

As a way of letting you know more about me and what's happening around here, check out my pick six from January.

I'd love your feedback if you are interested in any of these things or have suggestions for me.

You can shop for these items if you are interested via my Amazon Idea List.

(I do not get any compensation for any purchases made.)

Currently Reading: I saw this book again while shopping for the last month's book, The Winter King, and I couldn't pass it up. So far it is really interesting! I really like her writing style. I think this will take me awhile to read though, as it has so much information to digest.

Currently Watching: Just about to finish this series for the second time. It's really fun to watch, and pretty good background noise if you like having the tv on while you work.

Currently WearingThese shoes are amazing. I just love that they are comfortable and easy to wear in the snow. The soles seem to help keep me from slipping and I love that they can slip on easily if I need to dash out the door, or they can lace up for more support if I need to go for a walk. And they are waterproof to boot! (pun intended)These are the Sorel Explorer Joan, and they come in lots of colors.

Currently Saving My Skin: I love how beautiful Alaska is in the winter, but I'm hating how much it dries out my skin. I tend to get dry and cracked skin easily, and this seems to be the only lotion that doesn't sting and actually helps with the cracking and dryness. I just had to share with you because it really is a life savor for my hands.

Current Everything: I use this planner to keep track of everything. I've used it for the past couple years, but this year I have made even more effort to use all the fine details that make this planner amazing. It is perfect for personal or professional use, and I use it for both. It looks like the 2020 calendar is on sale now, so if you need a new planner go check it out.

Current Find: I love finding new calendars every year, and this one was too good not to share with you. I actually found it at Barnes and Noble, but Amazon has it as well. The fruit is fun and there are some items I'd like to try after browsing through the pictures. I love hanging the calendar in my kitchen and putting just the doctor/dentist appointments in it so I can easily see at a glance what's important in my schedule.

(I do not get any compensation for any purchases made.)